The Roots Project

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$5M | Building + $500K | Kids Facilities & Parking

The total cost of the Roots Project is $5.5 million. This is broken into 2 parts: $5 Million for a new sanctuary and $500K for additional/updated parking and an updated kids facility. We intend to raise $3.5 Million by the end of 2021 and will use borrowed funds to cover the rest of project costs during the construction phase. This will leave the church with a longer-term loan of no more than $2 Million which we will begin to service in 2022.

As a church family we have always been committed to simplicity and responsible stewardship. Therefore we are committed to not go into operating debt. Operating debt (debt to pay the bills) is different than using debt to purchase an asset (like land or a building). This project will add great value to the property with a new facility and multiple capital improvements.


2019 GOAL: $2M

It has already been an incredible journey with God since we first started the The Roots Project and we believe that we are just now stepping into the beginning of all that He is going to do through us as a church. Through your radical and joyful generosity, we have already raised over $1M towards our $2M goal for this year.

YTD RAISED: $1,513,030.14



The Roots Project is fueled by the belief that healthy things naturally grow.

Our first priority is to be a healthy church that sinks our roots deeply into God’s life-giving water. The natural result of this is expanding our covering more broadly to provide shelter, life, and healing to more people.

We know that it’s going to take all of us coming together to see this project come to fruition. We invite you to take this journey with us by making a Kickstart gift (one-time contribution) as well as a monthly contribution through December 2021. Your Kickstart gift will catalyze financial momentum in launching the project while your monthly generosity will provide a steady stream of finances to keep it moving forward. Give now by following the link below. Please make sure to select “The Roots Project (Building Fund)” as the Giving Type.