The Roots Project




“Where is the fertile soil?” was the question we first asked the Lord when deciding where to plant Antioch Community Church over eight years ago.

What a joy it has been watching God build his church since then - reviving, restoring, and redeeming the lives of men and women for His glory and renown. And while the last seven years have been filled with life and fruitfulness, we believe God has even more on His heart for our future. As we remain committed as a community to pursuing health and embracing growth, we believe the time has come for us to build a new sanctuary and the facilitation of growth that this project allows for is vital to moving to greater places of influence in our city and the nations that God has called us to.

The Roots Project will require joyful obedience and sacrifice as we work together towards what God has spoken. But what better way to spend our lives than in complete givenness to the purposes of God? We look forward to the journey ahead and thank you for the immensely significant role you'll play in seeing God’s dreams become a reality.  


    October 2018 - January 2019

    The goal of the "Seed" phase was to share the vision surrounding The Roots Project as well as build unity in our church through prayer. During Phase One we learned that The Roots Project is much more than a bulding, but rather the natural byproduct of a church that is healthy and alive.


    Began February 2019

    Phase two, the "Water" phase is all about supporting and investing in the vision through financial generosity and prayer. It’s about learning to rally together and to sacrifice so that God’s purposes can be fulfilled in and through our community.


    Projected Start Date: January 2020

    Things that are alive and healthy naturally grow. The final "Grow" phase of the Roots Project signifies ground-breaking on the new sanctuary and will take place once fundraising hits the $2 Million mark. We anticipate beginning this phase no later than January, 2020.



We are trusting God for $5.5 million dollars in the next few years to accomplish this Kingdom-expanding vision.



Authentic, life-giving community has always been at the core of Antioch.

From the layout of the courtyard, sanctuary and lobby, our vision is to create a space that facilitates genuine worship and increases our capacity to impact our city and the nations of the earth with the Gospel.



We understand that projects of this scope can often be overwhelming.

In the tabs below we have done our best to provide you with some answers to commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions not listed, feel free to ask us a question below.


How much will this cost?. . .

The total project will cost $5.5 Million. This is broken into 2 parts: $5 Million for a new sanctuary and $500K for additional/updated parking and an updated kids facility. We will raise $3.5 Million and intend to borrow $2 Million.

How long will this take?. . .

The general timeline will be as follows: Fundraising began February 2019. We hope to raise $2 Million by December 2019 and will break ground as soon as we hit that fundraising mark. Building the sanctuary should take 10-12 months to complete and should be done by the end of 2020. Fundraising for the final $1.5 Million will continue throughout 2020 and 2021.

Is our building really that full?. . .

Yes it is! Even after minor construction on our current sanctuary to add 60 more chairs, our 10am services are still more than 80% full. We have enough room to grow for another year before space limitations will again affect our services.

Do we need a new building?. . .

A building is just an instrument, a tool God uses to reach people with the gospel. This project will faciliate growth that gives us greater influence in our city and in the nations that God has called us to. We’re expanding the container that we meet in so that God can continue to revive hearts and transform the world.

Where can I see the plans?. . .

The plans for the new building are still in progress and are being submitted to the city of Chandler for approval. Conceptual views of the courtyard, lobby, and sanctuary can be found here.

Does giving replace my normal tithe?. . .

We believe the "tithe" is about giving the first fruits (10%) of your income to the local church to help fund it's general operating expenses. Beyond that, "offerings" are an opportunity to give towards missionaries, ministries, or ministry projects. We would love your Roots Project donations to be over and above your commitment to tithe.